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Wheelchairs and Strollers

Wheelchairs and Adaptive Strollers

There are various style frames and bases for wheelchairs and strollers that are customized specific to your child’s positioning and mobility needs. Our team of Physical Therapists and Assistive Technology Professionals work together to configure the optimal fit and function for each child.

Adaptive Strollers

The Convaid EZ Rider (pictured) is one of many options from the adaptive stroller family to assist with community mobility. They feature a lightweight, compact folding design with models for children needing minimal postural support to models for children requiring maximum support. Built in growth of the seating system allows for an average of 4-5 years of use before outgrowing it. In addition, all the Convaid stroller family can be equipped with a transit option, complying with WC19 transport safety standards. Like many of the other products we service, the adaptive stroller has the possibility of many features and modifications to fit your child’s specific needs for positioning and mobility.


  • Convaid
  • Adaptive Star
  • R82

Manual Wheelchairs

Ultralightweight pediatric manual wheelchairs are built with your growing child in mind. This frame allows for both seat depth and width adjustments to be made by our team of professionals. These chairs accept custom seating for improved posture and control for your child to be comfortable, yet mobile. The lightweight design makes it easier for your child to move around with greater independence. These wheelchairs can be equipped with transit, complying with WC19 transport safety standards. In addition, you and your child can customize the color of the frame, allowing your child to be part of the design team.


  • Ki Mobility
  • Ti Lite
  • Sunrise Medical

Tilt and Recline Wheelchairs

A tilt in space is a variable positioning wheelchair that allows for both tilt and recline options for optimal seating for your child’s needs. There are some frames designed (pictured) to be lightweight and foldable for easy transport. Other designs allow for a more robust frame. They have the ability to come equipped with transit, complying with WC19 transport safety standards. Additional options and modifications can be made to fit this style of wheelchair to your child’s specific needs.


  • Convaid
  • Ki Mobility
  • Sunrise Medical

Walking and Wheeling

We provide mobility assistive technology and expert medical services to children who need mobility assistance in the State of Wisconsin.


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