We Are Walking and Wheeling!

People all over the state have chosen Walking and Wheeling to help their child achieve greater mobility.
We provide mobility assistive technology and expert medical services to children who need mobility assistance.

Child Oriented

We have been working with kids for over 25 years. Our goal is for children who live with mobility challenges to be able to move, play and enjoy life.

Service Locations

Upon referral, we will together determine the best location to evaluate your child. This will likely be one of our outreach clinics or our main office where we have a showroom of sample equipment.

Mobility Assistance

One of the leading ways that we get kids moving is by custom building mobility assistive equipment such as orthotics, walkers and wheelchairs.

Beyond Equipment

We are not just a wheelchair vendor! We pour our heart and soul into getting your child moving. It is our joy to see children achieve a new life of mobility!

It All Begins With Your Child!

Our chief concern is helping your child achieve a life of mobility and action.
That is why everything begins with your child!

Your child is unique and wonderfully made and we want to treat them as an individual who has amazing strengths as well as challenging needs. We believe that the parent knows their child best and is therefore the best advocate for their child’s needs. We also believe that every professional involved in your child’s care should have opportunity to give input to acquire the most optimum equipment.

Whether working with and treating children with special needs or caring for family members with disabilities, our professional medical staff are well prepared to meet your family's needs. Plain and simple… we know kids and how to get them moving!

Our Focus Is Mobility Assistive Technology!

We use today's modern technology to help your child obtain a life of motion!


One of the most important ways we can help children enjoy happy and healthy lives is to afford them the opportunity to move at the earliest possible age, and to keep them moving throughout their lifetime! At Walking and Wheeling, we provide the most optimum and innovative adaptive equipment to get your child walking and/or wheeling!


From start to finish we will acquire the orthotics that best meet your child’s functional and positioning needs. Our medical staff have extensive training and experience in meeting the unique bracing needs of each child. We provide orthotics with a wide variety of designs and function for the feet, ankles, knees, hips, spine, shoulders, elbows, wrist, hands and head.

Our Goal Is To Give Your Child A Life Of Motion!

The whole reason we are around is to get kids moving!
Our business is one of the most advanced and unique providers in the entire country because:
We integrate the orthotic needs of the child with their needs for mobility and positioning equipment, and therefore are able to provide for your child the most ideal combination of assistive technology that will facilitate their mobility function in the greatest range of environments.
We have rehabilitation professionals that have experience in evaluating and treating children of all ages in the entire spectrum of pediatric venues such as homes, schools, daycares, birth to three programs, outpatient and inpatient pediatric therapy departments, and neonatal intensive care units.
We research, examine, and test every device and determine how it may benefit children with special needs. We do this by connecting with many rehab professionals throughout the world, reading the latest research, evaluating products, acquiring demo and prototype units from many manufacturers. We also attend many professional conferences in our state, nationally and internationally.

Meet Our Team!

We have over 25 years of experience in children's orthotics, positioning and mobility equipment.
Peter Jacques
Peter JacquesPhysical Therapist
Norah Geske
Norah GeskeAdministrative Assistant

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Walking and Wheeling

We provide mobility assistive technology and expert medical services to children who need mobility assistance in the State of Wisconsin.


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