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Indoor Positioning Chairs

Indoor Positioning Chairs

Pediatric positioning and mobility equipment is our specialty and our passion.

Each of us have options at home when it comes to sitting. We can choose to sit on the couch, a dining room chair, the floor, or our favorite recliner. Often, children with special positioning needs are not given this same opportunity. There are a variety of indoor positioning chairs available. These chairs allow your child to be able to engage in various activities within their home, without feeling constrained to their wheelchair. The photos shown here are not all of the options available, rather a sampling of our most popular devices.

Floor Sitter

A floor sitter is a supportive seating device that allows your child to interact in a variety of environments. This option for supportive seating offers different sizes for optimal fit, and different bases for use in a variety of applications. The Special Tomato (pictured) offers comfort and support, while allowing your child to become more involved in family activities.

  • Special Tomato
  • R82 Scallop

Relaxation Chairs

Relaxation chairs combine comfort with postural support for an alternative seating option for your child to enjoy family activities. We all sit in various positional chairs throughout the day. It is beneficial for children with special needs to have the same option. The colorful outer covers are washable and add a comfortable padding over the positioning foam. This provides optimal postural support and comfort for your child’s needs. There are accessory options available for these devices.

  • Inspired By Drive P Pod
  • Chill Out Chair

Indoor Activity Chairs

An indoor activity chair is a positioning chair that is versatile for numerous activities throughout the home or school environment. This chair comes equipped with several options for individuals with significant positioning needs. Different base options allow this chair to be able to fit at different height surfaces in the home.  Upon evaluation, our staff of Physical Therapists and ATPs can work with you to select the best options to meet your child’s needs.
  • Rifton
  • Leckey
  • R82

Walking and Wheeling

We provide mobility assistive technology and expert medical services to children who need mobility assistance in the State of Wisconsin.


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