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Pediatric positioning and mobility equipment is our specialty and our passion.

As your child grows, lifting and repositioning can become increasingly difficult. Patient lifts were designed to help you and your child avoid injury throughout the transfer process. A lift can help create a safer environment, while still allowing you to care for your child in your home. There are a variety of options to choose from depending on your child’s ability level and the setup of your home.

Manual Patient Lift

A manual patient lift is designed to be able to aid in transfers for those individuals unable to stand, or who require a significant amount of help from another person to transfer safely. It provides the user with the ability to complete a transfer as low as the floor and onto a variety of surfaces such as a bed or wheelchair.


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Power Patient Lift

The patient power lift is a device that has been designed to offer transfers without lifting from the caregiver. There are models that can be utilized as sit-to-stand transfer devices, seated transfer devices, and/or gait trainers. These devices are best suited for those individuals who need help with a transfers and whose caregivers are unable to lift them safely without power assistance.


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Overhead Patient Lift

An overhead lift system is designed to make transfers within a room more convenient for the caregiver. The overhead track systems we provide, do not require home modifications and are able to be relocated when needed.  There are several models available. The EasyTrack (pictured) is a lightweight, portable, overhead lift system that makes it suitable for in home use and traveling.


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Walking and Wheeling

We provide mobility assistive technology and expert medical services to children who need mobility assistance in the State of Wisconsin.


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