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Mats and Changing Tables

Pediatric positioning and mobility equipment is our specialty and our passion.

A mat table or changing table can be used to provide cares at a height that is appropriate for caregivers. These tables are constructed with material that is easy to wipe down, allowing for quick clean up if it becomes soiled while you are caring for your child. Another benefit of a changing table is it can aid in reducing the risk of injury for the caregiver and ease cares as your child grows.

Fixed Height Mat Tables

A fixed height changing table may be ideal for your home environment, allowing for storage of medical supplies and equipment to be concealed under the table. This fixed height changing table gives you a comfortable and safe space to complete daily cares with your child.


  • Armedica

Hi-Lo Mat/Changing Tables

A hi-lo changing table is designed with safety in mind. The versatility of this changing table can help you complete daily cares with your child in several ways. The table is height adjustable to meet your child’s transfer needs and the height of each caregiver to reduce their risk of injury. This changing table has a 400-pound weight capacity, foot switch control, and side rails for safety.


  • Armedica

Walking and Wheeling

We provide mobility assistive technology and expert medical services to children who need mobility assistance in the State of Wisconsin.


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